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Plant Health Care

At North Shore Arborists Tree Service our Plant Health Care Program is designed to preserve the health and beauty of our trees and shrubs. We offer an effective, environmentally sensitive approach to insect and disease management, as well as non-parasitic conditions. You can choose from traditional and organic programs to suit the needs of you and your landscape. We have a highly trained staff to assist you, and the newest tools and equipment to handle any situation.


  • Nutrition & Soil Quality
  • Insect Control
  • Disease Management
  • Non - Parasitic Injuries

Certified Arborists Are Your Best Choice for Quality Tree, Plant and Shrub Care.


Deep Root Fertilizations are injections of nutrients to improve vigor of plant and tree health. Deep root fertilization is a process where a high quality nutrient solution is injected into the root zone of the trees. The soil injection begins just below the surface and goes to a depth of 8-12 inches. Soil injection sites are placed about 2 or 3 feet apart in a grid pattern. The materials are injected into the root zone under pressure which helps aerate or provide much needed oxygen to the root system.

Mauget Injection:

Mauget injection is a micro-injection directly into the plant. This applies fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides directly into the sap stream of the tree.

Mauget injections are an environmentally friendly way to apply pesticides to trees. This means the chemical is contained entirely within the tree. Only pests feeding on the tree are directly affected.

Horticultural Oil:

Horticultural oil products are added to water and sprayed onto the surface of plants to control damaging insects. Oil sprays are applied to plants when insect pests are in susceptible stages of growth.


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